Commonwealth Contractors Named 5th Largest Workers’ Compensation Writer in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia Bureau of Insurance recently released its annually published list of licensed workers compensation writers which identified Commonwealth Contractors as the 4th largest carrier in the state. 

This list looks at all writers of workers’ compensation in the Commonwealth and does not distinguish by type of business.  Therefore, our rank of 4th is tremendous because it represents premium of $25,719,500 only for the construction industry.  Commonwealth Contractors has consistently been in the top 10 writers the last several years.

“We take great pride in this ranking.  We believe this is the result of our ability to attract and retain quality members.  It confirms that the efforts we and our TPA, Landin, Inc, have made toward prudent management, thorough underwriting, and effective safety and loss control programs are appreciated by the marketplace in general. Our reputation for consistent success in these areas, along with an excellent dividend history keeps Commonwealth Contractors at the top of the list with agents throughout Virginia when placing their clients’ workers’ compensation coverage” shared Administrator, Brad Adams. 

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Commonwealth Contractors is owned and operated by VA contractors since 1981.  Commonwealth Contractors is a reliable market for your workers’ compensation needs.  Our appetite remains strong. We are your premium alternative option to the standard market.